A Summer Camping Adventure Millions of Years in the Making...

Adventure Awaits as we travel back in time to bring you our 2019 theme “Jurassic Falls,” for your unit’s stay at Resica Falls. From T-Rex and Triceratops to The Flintstones and beyond there are many opportunities to join in the fun!

This summer, the Jurassic Falls theme will be part of more campwide activities than you could ever imagine. From the Opening Campfire on Sunday until the Closing Ceremony on Friday we will be walking with dinosaurs. Build a creative troop gateway and wear your awesome costumes to help bring the adventure alive. Here are some of the exciting events:
The Monday evening games will include exciting NEW activities like the Raptor Race, Stone Breaking, and the Yabba Dabba Doo Bowling Tournament.

For leaders, we’ll be hosting a Caveman Golf Tournament, and the whole troop can get involved in the week-long Dinosaur Deep Dig.

Find out more details in January 2019
when our Program Guide is released!

Celebrations from the 2018 Theme – Space Odyssey