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Chris Brenner sitting in his camp office

Trooper Lodge stands in the former Great Bend portion of Resica Falls near the STEM Center, Archery Range, and COPE Course. The cabin has served many different functions over the last few years for both the summer and year-round operation. A rustic cabin, Trooper Lodge is in desperate need of repairs to continue to serve the Scouts and Scouters camping at Resica Falls all-year long.

Resica Falls Scout Reservation and the Cradle of Liberty Council have launched the Brenner Project in order to renovate and rededicate Trooper Lodge in honor of Chris Brenner, who spent 15 summers at Resica Falls as Camp Director. The remodel will double the cabin capacity, add bathrooms and a kitchen with running water, and provide a look and design that unequivocally says, “Chris Brenner.”

In addition to serving as a rentable cabin during the year-round operation, the new Brenner Lodge will serve as the Civics Center during summer camp. Currently operating under two canopies, the Civics Center plays host to such merit badges as Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Public Speaking, and Law. This remodel will provide this vital program area with the facilities it needs to promote good citizenship to our Scout campers at a superior level.

Elevation and Floor Plan

Chris Brenner sitting in his camp office
Chris Brenner sitting in his camp office

Year-Round Cabin Features

  • A large Great Room with space for the whole unit to gather.
  • A full kitchen and two bathrooms with running water.
  • A covered porch and outdoor seating area with a fire ring.
  • Sleeping Capacity for 34 people in four separate bunk rooms.

Summer Camp Features

  • The Great Room serves as the Civics headquarters for summer camp.
  • The conversion of larger bunkrooms into classrooms for merit badge instruction.
  • Use of smaller bunkrooms into housing for senior staff members providing a staff presence in the far part of camp.

Give Today

With a goal of $150,000, Brenner Lodge is set to be a cabin unrivaled in the history of any of our camps. Help us make this important camp improvement a reality by contributing to the fundraising campaign and encourage others to do the same!

About Chris Brenner

Chris Brenner served as the Camp Director at Resica Falls from 2006-2020. During his tenure, innovative programs were implemented, outstanding facilities were built, and camper attendance doubled. Chris led Resica Falls to new heights as he developed it into the regional camping destination that it is today.

An Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver Award recipient, and Vigil Honor member of Unami Lodge, One, Chris served as Scoutmaster of Troop 226 in Philadelphia for 15 years, has sat on numerous district and council committees and task forces, and served as the Camp Director at Treasure Island in 1998. A retired elementary school teacher of 35 years, Chris continues to serve as a wise and valued mentor to the entire camp leadership team as the Camp Director Emeritus.