Meet The Team

Chris Brenner
Camp Director

This marks Chris's 14th summer as the Camp Director at Resica Falls. An Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Unami Lodge, Chris has many years of Scouting experience, including 15 years as a Scoutmaster, various work on district and council committees, and one summer as Camp Director at Treasure Island. A retired school teacher of 35 years, Chris's expert leadership has become a standard of Resica Falls. Chris's favorite candy is Swedish Fish. Contact Chris at

Steve Mach
Assistant Camp Director

Steve is in his 11th summer at Resica Falls, and his fourth as Assistant Camp Director. Previously, he has worked as Handicraft Director, Commissioner, and Program Director. He is also an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Unami Lodge, One. A high school social studies teacher, Steve is always looking for ways to make camp better. Steve's favorite color is green. Contact Steve at

Bobby Burkhart
Program Director

Bobby joins the leadership team this summer as the Program Director. This is his 8th summer on camp staff, serving primarily on Aquatics staff. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Unami Lodge, One, and works as a special education teacher. Bobby is filled with energy and enthusiasm for camp. Bobby enjoys telling "Dad jokes" in his free time. Contact Bobby at

Andy Connell
Assistant Program Director

Andy brings 8 years of camp staff experience to the table in his first summer as Assistant Program Director. This Eagle Scout has previously worked as Civics Director and Program Commissioner. Andy is an integral part of the success of Resica Falls. Andy's favorite board game is Clue. Contact Andy at

Jerry Reed
Business Manager

Jerry brings over 40 years of camp experience to the table as he oversees the administrative operations of camp. Previously, this Vigil Honor member of Unami Lodge, One has worked as a Program Commissioner, Evening Program Coordinator, Program Director, COPE Director, Assistant Camp Director and Camp Director at three different camps – Tri-Mount, Barton, and Resica Falls. Jerry's favorite spice is salt. Contact Jerry at

Nick McKee

This is Nick's fifth summer as the Ranger at Resica Falls. An Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member, Nick has worked in many different areas of camp over the past 16 years, including Handicraft, Dining Hall, QM, and spending two years as the Assistant Ranger at Musser Scout Reservation. Nick's work ethic has been vital to camp since his return to Resica in 2015. Nick's favorite food is bear meat. Contact Nick at