Volunteer in Camp

Looking to spend more time in camp? Want to give back to Scouting and camp? Resica Falls Scout Reservation is always looking for volunteers to help make camp an even greater place!

Camp Service Days
Lend a Helping Hand & Enjoy Being Back at Camp

Periodically, Resica Falls will host service days in the spring and fall to take care of various little projects around camp. Scouts and Scouters alike are welcome to participate in these days of service - skilled and non-skilled labor welcome! Whole units that wish to give back to camp have the opportunity to camp in a ground site for free if they commit to provide service back to camp.
Service Day Dates: September 16, October 21, November 18, April 13, May 4, June 1

To sign up for our next service day, contact contact Ranger Nick.

The Key to Outstanding Customer Service

A positive camping experience begins with welcoming and enthusiastic hosts. The campmasters fill this role of hosts during a weekend of camping. This group of registered Scouts perform unit check-in and check-out, as well as open the Trading Post and help with any problems that may arise. Campmasters are also encouraged to offer some program for the Scouts in camp or assist with a camp improvement project.

Campmaster is a great way for a group of adult leaders to enjoy all the fun that camp has to offer in a whole new way. Select the weekends you want to serve as host and schedule your weekend with Resica Falls Campmaster Coordinator Chris Brenner.

Camp Promotions Team
Share the Adventure of Resica Falls

Has your unit always camped at Resica Falls? Do you enjoy your time in camp and want to share that experience with others? Join the camp promotions team to help show others what Resica Falls has to offer. Whether its promoting camp at district roundtables or sharing weekend stories at a Troop meeting, we’re always looking for help promoting the Resica Falls adventure.

To join the camp promotions team, contact Council Camping Chairman Ted McDonald.

Ranger Corps
Helping Maintain Camp one Project at a Time

Have a special skill that can make our camps a better place? Be a part of the Resica Falls Ranger Corps! This dedicated group of volunteers will assist the camp ranger in keeping everything working at Resica Falls. From roofers to plumbers, electricians to carpenters, and everyone in-between, members of the Ranger Corps work side-by-side with our camp ranger to bring camp to life!

To join the Ranger Corps and begin serving today, contact Ranger Nick.