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Working on camp staff opens to each staff member a whole new world of adventure and opportunities. In addition to spending a summer in the great outdoors, staff members will:

  • Learn how to lead others and to apply leadership skills.
  • Be part of an effective team and cooperate with others to get things done.
  • Acquire experiential education (learning by doing) and new skills while working with young people ages 11-17.
  • Make lots of friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Our staff is not just a group of counselors having fun, but rather a family of 100 individuals dedicated to providing an outstanding experience to each and every one of our campers. Each of our counselors and support staff members receives extensive training in their roles in camp, as well as specific knowledge in customer service, emergency procedures, and youth protection. We look for only the best staff members that possess the following qualifications:

  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • A positive attitude and a strong work ethic.
  • A desire to make a lasting impact on the life of a Scout.
  • A willingness to live by the Scout Oath & Law.

Many of our senior camp staff leaders have extensive experience in camp and have the following to say about their time on camp staff:

"I worked on staff for four summers before going away to college. When I moved into my dorm, most of the people I was living with had never done their own laundry, lived away from home, or had a real job. Working on staff really put me ahead of the rest of the students."
"Spent a summer working at COPE – more fun that working at a fast food joint."
"My time on staff helped me decide to become a school teacher."
"I’ve been in Scouting for a long time and have made a lot of great memories. When I get together with my friends, the stories we tell all seem to revolve around our time on camp staff."
"I was never a Scout, but I had a great time working at Resica Falls while in college."
"I met my wife working on camp staff."

If you’re ready to join us for a summer of fun at Resica Falls, apply today!

Compensation & Benefits Information

All positions are seasonal positions. The season for all staff runs from June 17, 2023 - August 10, 2023. In addition, a Staff Training Day will be held on May 13th and a Staff Weekend will be held June 2nd-4th. Some positions may require additional time. Further details will be provided upon hiring.

Positions Base Salary* Room and Board** Total Compensation
Junior Staff (15-17) $195-$235 per week $250 per week $445-$485 per week
Senior Staff (18 and over) $215-$315 per week $250 per week $465-$565 per week
Area Directors (18 and over) $240-$360 per week $250 per week $490-$610 per week
Senior Area Directors (21 and over) $350-500 per week $250 per week $600-$750 per week

*Based upon position and experience. Candidates with more experience may fall above typical ranges. All salary ranges are based upon a 6-day week.

**Most staff will be assigned housing in an individual canvas tent with a twin bed and electricity. Indoor housing in a cabin is available for some senior staff upon request - communal living with a twin bed, electricity, and HVAC is provided. On-site laundry facilities are available. All staff will receive meals during the course of their employment and local transportation out of camp on Nights Off and Days Off.

Other Compensation

PHEAA Grant: Pennsylvania residents enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs at PA colleges or universities have the opportunity to apply for a work-study PHEAA grant. Qualifying applicants will receive grant paperwork upon employment and any distribution will be allocated based on employer’s discretion.

Additional Training: All staff members will receive job specific training during the course of their employment. Supplemental training may be given based upon each employee’s position, including but not limited to: American Red Cross Basic First Aid training, American Red Cross CPR training, American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid training, American Red Cross Lifeguard training, NRA Range Safety Officer & Shooting Instructor training, USAA Archery Instructor training, and BSA National Camping School certification.