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'Expedition Resica' written on top of a jungle scene

(2022) Explore the Unknown and Unlock Hidden Mysteries

The Camp Leadership Team is excited to reveal our theme for the summer of 2022...

'Knights of the Bushkill' written below a medieval crest

(2021) Summer 2021 - Knights of the Bushkill

The summer of 2021 was a great way to put the OUTING back into Scouting at...

Picture of Chris Brenner with text 'Honoring a Legacy'

Brenner Lodge

Join us in honoring a legacy that has faithfully served camp and council.

Short Sleeved T-Shirt with coat of arms and 'Knights of the Bushkill'

(2021) Custom Unit T-Shirts

Place your order for your personalized Troop T-shirts.

A medieval style banner of the falls with the text 'Knights of the Bushkill'

(2021) 2021: Knights of the Bushkill

...take us back to a nobler time when knights and dragons roamed the land.

A smiling Chris Brenner and the text 'A Profile In Service

A Profile in Service: Chris Brenner

The year was 2006, the camp was Resica Falls, and the man was Christian F. Brenner...