Brenner Lodge

July 16, 2021

Chris Brenner became the Camp Director at Resica Falls in 2006 and quickly made an impact on the camp in an incredibly positive way. Through the next 15 summers, Chris led Resica Falls to new heights, and it is time we recognize his impact.

As a lasting testament of Chris’s passion, dedication, and love, Resica Falls and the Cradle of Liberty Council are launching The Brenner Project, a plan to renovate and rededicate Trooper Lodge in honor of Chris. A Mike Coyne Design, the new Brenner Lodge, the remodel will double the cabin capacity, add bathrooms and a kitchen with running water, and provide the cabin with a look and design that unequivocally says “Chris Brenner.” Sketches will be shared soon on

The Brenner Project will be a multi-year project that will involve fundraising campaigns and volunteer labor to make the dream a reality. With a goal of raising $100,000, Brenner Lodge is set to be unrivaled in the history of any of our camps - much like Chris himself.

Help us honor Chris and make this important camp improvement by financially contributing to the fundraising campaign and encourage others to do the same!