Resica Falls Continuous Camp Improvement Plan

November 05, 2022 Steve Mach

Last Winter and Spring, members of the Camp Staff, Council Camping Committee, and Unami Lodge, One, along with several unit and district leaders, worked together to create an extensive camp improvement plan for Resica Falls. The plan was developed as part of our 5 Year Authorization Cycle within the BSA’s National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP).

The plan consists of 16 goals with a total of 86 unique objectives, all geared towards improving various aspects of the camp operation, including: Attendee & Participant Experience, Facilities, Financial Stability, Marketing & Communications, Program, and Staffing. The 16 goals are listed below:

  1. Updates to Lake Roger and Lake Programs
  2. Improvements to Campsites and Unit Experience
  3. Organization of Inventories, Facility Plans, and Needs List
  4. Increase of Year-round and Diverse Offerings
  5. Facilitate More High Adventure Programs
  6. Implementation of Advanced Technology Policies
  7. Improvements to the Dining Hall and Trading Post Operations
  8. Support to Our Camp Volunteers
  9. Expanded Program Offerings
  10. Increased Focus on Staff Hiring, Training, and Support
  11. Improved Look and Impression of the Overall Camp
  12. Establish Stronger Financial Stability
  13. Enhanced Marketing and Communications Plan
  14. Continued Focus on Conservation and Stability
  15. Establishment and Expansion of Cub Scout Program Offerings
  16. Continual Improvement of Camp Facilities

Though comprehensive, our task force does not feel this plan is binding. Rather, it is designed to help guide our camp improvements through 2027, our 70 th anniversary. As such, continued feedback from our campers and supporters will shift areas of focus, while new ideas will undoubtedly emerge, facilitating changes to our plan and providing new opportunities to better camp. However, this plan does highlight our commitment to continuing to serve the Scouts, leaders, staff, and guests that continue to experience the wonders of Resica Falls.

In January, we’ll share our progress on the plan so far, with some elements already being implemented this past summer. We’ll continue to provide updates on improvements and progress through the length of the plan – the next 5 years. You can check out the full plan here. If you want to support one of these initiatives, let us know at